Comedian Richard Herring

Learning About Mental Health From The Comedy Industry

Talking openly, finding light in the darkness and setting up support networks are some key elements to overcoming mental health issues One night at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014, comedians were winding down from a long day at the nation’s most arduous comedy festival when the news broke that beloved actor and stand-up Robin Williams […]

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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

NHS child mental health services are failing the next generation

Six in 10 children and young people across England do not get treatment for problems such as anxiety and depression, data shows Up to four in five children with mental health problems are being denied access to treatment they urgently need in some parts of England, NHS figures show. Overall six in 10 children and […]

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positive image on mental health by laughing

Good Mental Health Can Be a Laughing Matter

Every year, one in four people in the UK are forced to deal with some form of mental health problem. For some, it doesn’t last long. But for the majority, their lives are overshadowed by recurring bouts of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and a long list of other conditions that science still doesn’t fully understand. […]

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Genesis Community Summer Picnic 2016

The Genesis is holding its annual Summer Picnic this year at Friends Meeting House on 4th August 2016 – 10.30am – 4pm. Join us in celebrating the project and our volunteers. There will be food, well-being activities, discussions, entertainment and much more! In addition, we will be presenting the Albert Godard mental health volunteer of the […]

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