Speak UP

Service User and Carer Involvement

Do you, as a service user or carer, want to influence the way mental health services are run in the City of Leicester?

Do you want to join a group of supportive people to talk about your issues and get things changed?

Do you want to make your views on mental health known and have them taken seriously by the powers that be?

Then the Speak UP/Genesis Project is for you.

The Genesis Project has a proud history of working with mental health service users and their carers from all communities and cultures within Leicester. We debate the issues affecting you now. We influence change by gathering your experiences and opinions and raising them at a strategic level.  We campaign for better practice in hospital and community settings. The Genesis Project exists to support you in making your voice heard. We want to know what’s on your mind.

The Speak UP:

  • Information: We collects and provides information on, strategic meetings, consultations, mental health events, support and activity groups, conferences and mental health reports. We collate this in a monthly involvement update.  We then send this to our membership.
  • ‘The Debates’: We provide regular forums for all mental health service users to meet and debate the issues that are affecting them now. These forums are autonomous and directed by service users. We run a monthly meeting ’The Genesis chat coffee morning’ and ‘Genesis Debates’ held in various community settings.
  • Partnership work: We work with strategic partners such as Leicester city council, the NHS and the CCG’s.  We feedback to them and enable them to improve their services.
  • Involvement: We encourage and support mental health service users and their carers to connect with local decision makers.  This influences improvement in services.
  • Empowerment: We provide encouragement, support and the opportunity to attend strategic meetings, consultations and conferences. Service users and carers can share their knowledge and experiences with decision makers and service providers. In doing so we encourage personal recovery.
  • Connections: We connect mental health service users and their carers from different communities, cultures and groups across Leicester. Raising their confidence, building community cohesion and encouraging them to become involved.
  • The Carers Forum: We organise a forum for carers in the City of Leicester to meet and talk about issues. Carers can catch up on developments, and voice opinions on mental health services.

If you want to find out more, please call Speak UP on 0116 255 6286 or email speakup@lampdirect.org.uk


What is The Genesis Project Diagram