Meet the team behind Lamp Advocacy

Senior Management

  • Sue Langley
    Sue Langley CEO
    • Andrew Bolland
      Andrew Bolland Deputy CEO
      • Christopher Pienaar
        Christopher Pienaar Executive Director Development
        • Mary Morgan
          Mary Morgan Fundraising Manager


          • Tazmyn Manville
            Tazmyn Manville Mental Health Advocate
            • Kylie Batts
              Kylie Batts Mental Health Advocate
              • Max Houghton
                Max Houghton Mental Health Advocate
                • Mark Jackson
                  Mark Jackson Mental Health Advocate
                  • Cheryl Hornby
                    Cheryl Hornby Mental Health Advocate

                    Peer Advocacy

                    • Aiden Fisher
                      Aiden Fisher Peer Advocates Coordinator

                      Carers Advocacy

                      • Salome Munanzvi
                        Salome Munanzvi Carers Advocate


                        • Lenore Headey
                          Lenore Headey Operations Manager


                          • Carla Creary
                            Carla Creary Marketing and Communications Officer
                            • Sophie Jones
                              Sophie Jones Volunteer Development Officer

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