Independent Mental Health Advocacy Service

Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA)

Available to:

  • All patients detained under the MHA (except under section 4, 5 or in a place a safety under Section 135 or 136)
  • Anyone on Community Treatment Order (CTO)
  • Anyone under Guardianship
  • A Conditionally Discharged (restricted) patient
  • Anyone being considered for treatment under section 57 or someone under 18 being considered for treatment under section 58

The IMHA helps people to understand and exercise their rights. This might include:

  • Helping the person apply to appeal
  • Expressing the persons wishes and needs to the health or social care professionals involved.

The IMHA has a right to:

  • Meet with the person in private
  • To meet with health and social care professionals on person’s behalf
  • Access the persons’s records, on their behalf, in certain circumstances.

LAMP Advocates visit hospital settings regularly to meet qualifying patients. Referrals can also be made by:

  • The patient themselves
  • Nearest relative
  • Care staff
  • Other concerned individual such as friend or carer

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