Lamp joins forces with Sekonda during Stress Awareness Month

Sekonda is supporting Stress Awareness Month by enabling Lamp’s (Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project) staff to help Sekonda’s Instagram followers with any questions relating to mental health and stress.

The Leicester-based watch brand invited its followers to submit questions and listen to the responses during the Lamp social takeover on 19 April 2022. Questions included:

  • Have you got any tips for how to switch off after a stressful day at work?
  • What would be your No.1 tip to de-stress?
  • My manager is putting a lot of pressure on me, how do I approach them about my mental health?
  • How do you prevent stress before it arrives?
  • Is stress always a bad thing, or can it ever be good? Is it normal?
  • How do I know I am under stress? How do I recognise it?
  • Is stress the same for everyone?
  • What if you can’t cope with a small amount of stress?

Rosie Curtis, Sekonda Brand Manager said:

“We want to use our social channels to raise awareness of important topics such as mental health, so handing them over to the experts at Lamp to run a Q&A was a great way for us to support Stress Awareness Month. A big thank you to our team at Cite and Lamp for all the work behind the scenes to make the takeover happen.”

Cite has collaborated with Sekonda for a number of years on a collection of digital, social and brand campaigns. Charlie Wright, Account Executive at Cite said:

“As members of Lamp’s Business Club, we’ve been helping Lamp with fundraising and raising awareness for mental health in the workplace for the last few months. It’s a cause that’s hugely important to our team and we’re keen to help in as many ways as possible, especially when we can connect the charity with our clients. With Sekonda pushing the importance of Stress Awareness Month, it made sense to pair them with Lamp for an Instagram Takeover – especially with Sekonda being based in Leicester. We’re really pleased with the end result.”

Richard Kotulecki, Lamp’s CEO added:

“We were delighted to work with Sekonda on this Instagram takeover and answer questions to try and help people whose mental health is suffering due to stress. By emphasising the importance of mental health and reaching out for help, Sekonda is highlighting the many ways in which Lamp can help so we’re grateful that Sekonda recognises our value and hope to continue this relationship for the benefit of our community.”

If you missed the Q&A takeover, you can view the highlights on Sekonda or Lamp’s Instagram pages.


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