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Providing advocacy for an autistic adult

We hear from an autistic service user within ethnic minority and hard-to-reach community of Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland I am relatively a new service user to Lamp, but needed support in using an Independent Community Health Advocacy service and this is where Lamp has helped massively. I wanted to access free health advocacy in my […]

A mothers lessons learned when seeking mental health support

Case Study of a Mother, Jane, and Daughter, Ashley, and how Lamp helped them during years of difficulty finding support *Jane and Ashley are pseudonyms. In 2017, when Jane* took on the task of helping her daughter Ashley to seek mental health support after she had a breakdown, little did she realise that it would […]

Why carers need support too

At age 24, Nadya found herself being a carer for her partner who had mental health issues. She eventually realised that she also needed help and turned to Lamp’s Carer Group for support. Here, she tells us why… Becoming a carer For me it was a very sudden situation where I was dating someone for […]

RD’s Story

My name is RD.
I have and still have allot of problems with Adult Social Care (AMHT) and still do. Lamp have been very good in supporting me to advocate for me from the start,  Also CMHT have been very helpful. I would continue to keep LAMP always as services. Lamp have stood up for me properly and without Lamp I would be totally lost and in Jeopardy. I will always use LAMP as services and continue to use the services in many ways and forms. Lamp have been the best services I have ever had yet on the grounds of Mental health and Learning needs.  My advocate called T is very helpful and the mangers have been very helpful for the mental health advocacy service they provide.  It is based on our rights

Gail’s Story

Lamp as (stet) helped me cope with the pressure of being a carer, they have been at the end of the phone if you needed help or advice. They have also supported me since the death of my husband and still let me come to meetings and on trips. I have made some great friends through the carers group.

Tina’s Story

Having found Lamp has helped me hugely, to know that I am not alone and that there are other carers that have similar difficulties. The support from other carers and Salome (carers advocate) has been fantastic. Salome takes a real interest in the issues I have experienced. The Boat trip (social activity) is a great way to try and switch off from your worries!!

Sue’s Story

I have been a carer for 10 years with my husband and now for my parents and brother. I do not know what I would do without lamp, the help, support and advice I get from the meetings help me cope with my life. It is such an important part of my life, being able to talk to other carers every month, as they all know how you are feeling, and we can support each other, it is very lonely being a carer at times, the staff at Lamp at wonderful (stet) always there to help and advise and support. Most of my friends are now carers I have met through lamp.

Irene’s Story

I have been a carer for 10 years. When I came to Lamp it gave me an escape. I found a lot of support & understanding from other carers & staff. This support was a blessing to me. No judgement, lots of advice & ideas knowing I’m not alone. The socializing is a necessity for me as family and friends try to understand but cannot if they are not supporting our loved ones 24/7. Great work & knowing someone is there for me is an amazing feeling. Thank you.

AH’s Story

When Jules, a support worker with Lamp came to see me at home over 20 years ago, I was in despair. I felt totally alone and helpless in trying to understand and deal with my teenage son’s mental health condition. Although I had a loving family and good friends, I felt it was my role and duty as his Mum to manage it on my own. I was a single Mum of two children, with a full time professional, but demanding occupation trying to deal with an unknown and very frightening situation on my own. Jules first asked me how I had come to ring Lamp. I spoke at length about my son, his needs, his behaviour, his day to day life, his fears, his sleepless nights etc etc etc…. She listened and then said ‘but what about you? How are you? How are you feeling? I am here for you!’

I will never, ever forget this – she was there for me; Lamp was there for me and all these years later Lamp is still there for me. The staff are wonderful and accessible and the other service users I have met and regularly meet at our monthly meetings (and sometimes in between!) understand exactly how I feel, because they have experienced similar situations and emotions, in a way that no one else can, despite their attempts to understand. Lamp for me – is my lifeline!

*Initials have been used in place of their name to honour their confidentiality.

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