Providing advocacy for an autistic adult

We hear from an autistic service user within ethnic minority and hard-to-reach community of Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland

I am relatively a new service user to Lamp, but needed support in using an Independent Community Health Advocacy service and this is where Lamp has helped massively.

I wanted to access free health advocacy in my area and somewhere I felt I was being heard of which would be a confidential and non-judgmental space. Sadly, my hidden health diagnoses meant that my conditions were not taken as seriously within the health services and this is where I turned to Lamp… who gave me some ray of hope.

I needed particular support in accessing and attending my local community health appointments and without things becoming overwhelmingly challenging, inaccessible and anxiety provoking. Lamp helped to be my representative in some of the local Primary Care Network providers i.e., GPs and NHS Consultation appointments as follow up of my care and treatment.

I am able to utilise Lamp as a service and be now confident that I have someone independent by my side and I am not alone any more. Lamp offers a person-centred approach and support by taking the side of what feels best for my overall health and wellbeing.

They help to empower service users like us and support us in the community to provide advocacy independence and clarity of our purpose, and ensure we have access to the same equal opportunities as others in order to make a meaningful impact.

I do wish Lamp all the best of luck with continuing to deliver their aims and many congratulations on how far Lamp, as a service, has come today.

Once again, being part of this service user journey with Lamp and particularly getting direct support and guidance from Richard and Emily (staff) has been the best thing that could have happened in this case and I would like to say thank you to them wholeheartedly.


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