New study reveals that working from home is giving many British workers ‘video call fatigue’
UK workers have lost about 862 million hours of productivity since the end of March when the country went into lock-down. It has been reported that the productivity is lost due to ‘video call fatigue’. It has been reported that workers spend 47 minutes preparing themselves both physically and mentally for video calls with colleagues.
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Talk t-shirt
T-shirts do the talking for Lamp
During lockdown, Lamp has received an increase in calls and seen record online views due to the effects of the
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Coffee shop
Experts warn about re-entry syndrome as society adjusts to a new normal
Experts warn that people will experience re-entry syndrome as lockdown eases in the UK and more bars, restaurants and work
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Report reveals that depression doubles during Covid-19 outbreak
It has been reported by the Office of National Statistics that twice as many adults in Britain are reporting symptoms
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Lamp helps hundreds more people as pandemic impacts mental health
It has been predicted that there will be a 20% rise in people reporting severe mental health difficulties, due to
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Report Reveals Severe Mental Health Problems Risen Amid Pandemic
Doctors are seeing a rise in people reporting severe mental health difficulties, a group of NHS leaders says. It follows
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Lamp launches additional Physical Health Advocacy Service
We’re pleased to announce that we now offer an additional physical health advocacy service. Do you have a diagnosed mental
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