St.Mary’s Christmas Tree Festival
Christmas is a fantastic time for many. It is a time that most spend with either family, friends, loved ones, neighbours or all of the above. Christmas allows many of us to celebrate, be it for traditional or religious reasons, the bonds we have with those around us. However for many, this time of the
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Lamp x Leicester Comedy Festival
Lamp have partnered up with Big Difference Company to work on a project that we hope will contribute to positively
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Jon Ashworth, Shadow Secretary of State for Health: The Independent Review of the Mental Health Act 1983
The Mental Health Act 1983 is the main piece of legislation that covers the assessment, treatment and rights of people
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Pyjama Day – Celebrating World Mental Health Day 2019
On the 10th October 2019, Lamp are celebrating World Mental Health Day to highlight the impact of mental health in
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Achievements: Colin Norman
The individuals that make Lamp, Lamp, are an integral part of what we do. It is essential that we try
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Shree Prajapati Association: Health and Wellbeing Day
On August 4th 2019, Lamp were kindly invited to attend a health and wellbeing day, organised by The Shree Prajapati
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Carers Boat Trip
It is vital for us as a mental health charity that we not only offer help and support to those
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