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Read below to see the opportunities we have available for you to get involved with Lamp, through volunteering, fundraising, becoming a corporate partner, business development or by becoming a Lamp supporter!

Business Development

Would you like to contract Lamp to deliver services for your organisation?

Would you like to develop joint services with Lamp?

Corporate Partnership

Are you a corporate business wanting to contract Lamp, fund aspects of Lamp’s work, improve Lamp’s productivity, or services, or to work together to develop services that will help your own organisation.


Want to fundraise for Lamp? Come up with your own idea or why not download our fundraising pack to help get you on track with fun, engaging ideas to raise money, general information on fundraising, and tips on how to plan a good event!

Lamp Supporter

Lamp supporters have a long term support relationship with Lamp because of their own commitment to improving mental health within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Supporters undertake a range of functions, according to their own interests and time they have available, including:

  • Committed Giving
  • Lobbying
  • Connecting
  • Undertaking specific pieces of work
  • Trustees
  • Ambassador

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