Are you suffering from re-entry anxiety?

After spending 8 weeks or more in total lockdown, many people now feel anxious about venturing into the wider world – understandably so.

This week, The Independent’s Olivia Petter wrote a very valid article about the obstacles many people now face when learning to adapt to life post total lockdown.

Olivia’s article explained that:

“…returning to normality is not as simple as it seems, particularly when you’re returning from a pandemic that has killed at least 33,000 people in the UK.

 “Ever since Boris Johnson put the UK in lockdown on 23 March, the phrase “#ExtendLockdown” has been popular across social media, garnering thousands of comments from people who are deeply concerned about the easing of restrictions. Some are worried about the number of people not wearing masks in public (the government now recommends face coverings in places where distancing is hard), others feel unsettled by the increasing number of cars on the roads, and many simply despair at the sight of people outside, acting as if nothing has happened.”

You can read Olivia Petter’s full article here:

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