Canal and River Trust

On Thursday 10th October, we were visited by Daniel Du Heaume at the Canal and River Trust.

The Canal and River Trust are a charity who look after and bring to life 2,000 miles of waterways. They are working with volunteers and communities across England and Wales to transform canals and rivers into spaces where local people want to spend time and feel better, with the aim to bring wellbeing opportunities to millions.

During our meeting, Daniel explained that the Canal and River Trust will be putting on a series of walks along the waterways in Leicester. It has been statistically proven that exercise and being in green spaces has many positive benefits for a person’s mental health. In an effort to provide activities for our carers groups that can positively affect their mental, the Trust will be linking with Lamp in the Spring look at providing short walks and boat trips for our carers groups in Leicester. The short walks will take a scenic route, ending with activities like yoga, relaxation sessions and Mindfulness.

The first event that the Canal and River Trust hope to put on will aim to positively impact both mental and physical health. If this is something you would be interested in participating in, we will be sharing it on our website and our social media pages. So, keep an eye out for this!


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