St.Mary’s Christmas Tree Festival

Christmas is a fantastic time for many. It is a time that most spend with either family, friends, loved ones, neighbours or all of the above. Christmas allows many of us to celebrate, be it for [...]

Carers Boat Trip

It is vital for us as a mental health charity that we not only offer help and support to those experiencing mental health issues, but also to those who are caring for either a family member, a [...]

Lamp Launches A Newsletter!

We are very excited to announce that we have launched a quarterly newsletter! Finding ways to keep connected with our community is integral. We want to ensure that the members of our community [...]

Wellfest 2019 at Hastings Direct

It is important that individuals feel that their mental health is supported at work, and because of this, as the Diversity Partner of Hastings Direct, we were delighted to have had the privilege [...]

Dates For Your Diary

As a charity, we tend to be very active within the community. This helps us to promote the services that we provide, and ourselves in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. If you would like to [...]

Free For The Community

During the year, we understand that many want to enjoy our free time by visiting attractions, or going to events. But many of us have an issue with finding events and attractions that are close [...]

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