Design Espresso launches new coffee machine and charity partnership at prestigious London Caffé Culture Show

Leicestershire Company Coffix Ltd launched an exciting new brand, Design Espresso,
and a new charity partnership at the recent prestigious Caffé Culture Show in London -and the feedback for both was exceptional.

The prestigious Caffé Culture Show held recently in London saw the launch of Coffix Ltd’s new coffee machine, the Ceri Compact 2, under a new brand, Design Espresso, and a charity partnership with Leicester based mental health charity, LAMP, and the two had a very human link.

Design Espresso has been created not just to manufacture machines that make exceptional coffee, but to provide support and raise awareness of mental health within the coffee in dustry.

The purpose behind the Ceri Compact 2 machine stems from a tragic incident in 2020 when a Coffix member of staff, Ceri, tragically took her own life.
The impact on the business and its staff led Design Espresso Directors, Glenn Johnson and Sean Callaghan to name their new machine after their former colleague.
Glenn explains

”We were all massively saddened by Ceri’s passing, but we wanted to embark on a mission that aimed to carry on her legacy and build an awareness about the growing issue of poor mental health within the coffee industry, and amongst employers generally. Hence we have developed the idea of a bespoke new coffee machine named after her.”

Design Espresso launched the machine at last week’s Caffé Culture Show in London, a high profile event for companies from the coffee sector.

It also profiled its new charity partnership with Leicester based charity Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project (LAMP), which aims to raise awareness about the importance of ensuring good mental health within work place settings.

Embark CSR Director, Stacey Wragg, who helped throughout the event, said

“Feedback from visitors to the Design Espresso stand throughout the exhibition about the Ceri Compact 2 machine, and the attention it brings to mental health support was exceptional. This is a fabulous initiative from Glenn and Sean, and we’re really looking forward to working with them to develop the project in the future.”

LAMP’s Corporate and Community Engagement Officer, Matt Barton, said

“We’re so excited to work with Design Espresso to improve mental health amongst communities and raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing in the workplace.”

Design Espresso and LAMP aim to explore a number of options focused on practical support
for those experiencing poor mental health, and providing opportunities to emphasise the
power of a conversation through the creation of an over the phone advice and information
hub, online wellbeing tips and a mobile ‘coffee and chat’ offer for businesses



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