How the arts are helping the nation’s mental health

As Britain endures an extended period of lock down and isolation, an explosion of arts, crafts and creativity has seen the nation come together.

As the Evening Standard reported last week gathering our pens and paper during this time to create rainbows and other signs became a huge symbol of shared optimism.

The Standard’s article explained that:

“In normal times – now a distant memory – the arts play a crucial part in nurturing the nation’s mental health. At the theatre, we can gather with both friends and strangers to be transported by an evening of storytelling. At a gallery, we can take a breath and find inspiration in the creations of others. At concerts, we can experience a language other than words to allow us to process the events of our lives, big or small. And sometimes it’s as simple as just letting us have a really nice time.

And yet, amid the unprecedented closures forced by the coronavirus pandemic, the arts have never been more crucial to our wellbeing. Last month, experts warned that the UK would face a mental health crisis due to a ‘perfect storm’ of problems caused by coronavirus.”

Read the full story here.


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