Lamp 5k extended to 20 July


You may have caught a snippet in our June newsletter which announced the extension of the Lamp 5k Trip to the Moon challenge to 20 July.

The move builds on huge interest in this year’s Trip to the Moon 5k campaign and it will help us to mark the 53rd anniversary of the moon landing. On July 20, 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped down from Apollo 11’s lunar module onto the surface of the moon, the first human in history to do so.

Please continue to log your miles in our Trip to the Moon 5k fundraiser. Whether it’s walking, running, cycling or roller-skating, every 5k activity you take part in will help us to reach our target of 384,400km – the distance from the Earth to the moon – and raise money for each kilometre covered. Plus, do continue to support us on social media by using #lamp5k and tag us in your posts!

Results Lookup – Lamp 5k

Here are the results for the 5k challenge so far:

Lamp 5k Strava Group

·        Mental Health Awareness Week – 62,878km

·        16 to 22 May – 61,642km

·        23 to 29 May – 65,344km

·        30 May to 5 June – 64,768km

·        6 June to 12 June – 50,105km

·        WellGiving total so far – 3,939km

We are currently over 308,676km averaging 61,000km a week and have raised £14,277 to date.

We need another 75,724km and £24,123 to help us hit our target of 384,400km and £38,400 in funds by 20 July.
‘One small step for man, one giant leap for Mental Health’

To see how you can take part in Lamp’s 2022 5k Trip to the Moon challenge, visit, log your 5km and download a fundraising pack – here you’ll find key information on how you can log your miles either on Strava or WellGiving. If you would like to sponsor, fundraise or get involved in other ways, please contact the charity at


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