Lamp aims to Make Mental Health Your Business at the Leicester Business Festival on 18 November

The Lamp charity will hold a mental health workshop during the Leicester Business Festival from 10-11.30am on 18 November 2022. The event will talk about the importance of mental health advocacy in the community and workplace, and how we can all play a part in supporting others who may be struggling.

Tickets can be booked for Lamp’s Make Mental Health Your Business workshop, which will take place at PPL PRS Limited’s headquarters at 11 Mercury Place, St George Street, Leicester, LE1 1QG.

The event is an opportunity for businesses to strengthen their support for mental health awareness in the community and in their own workplace teams, by ensuring that team members and colleagues have access to the help they may need.

In addition, as part of the workshop, Lamp will hold a ‘talking heads’ Q&A session with businesses from various sectors to explore why it is important to look after ourselves and our employees, and how our own experiences can be a vital tool in creating a great mental health strategy that can contribute to the overall resilience and competitiveness of the organisation.

The line-up of speakers will include Lamp’s CEO, Richard Kotulecki, Colin Fyfe, CEO of Hinckley and Rugby Building Society (HRBS), Mark Winterflood, Wellbeing Manager at Hastings Direct, Suz Everitt, Business Development Manager at Mattioli Woods, and Power of Love Leadership author and coach, Sarah Higgins.

Participants will also hear examples of how people’s experience of living with a mental health condition and the support they received when they were at their lowest point, helped them rebuild their life.

Richard Kotulecki, CEO of Lamp said:

“We’d like to welcome businesses and individuals to join us in having open and insightful conversations and meet other like-minded people who are passionate about improving mental health. This will enable us to connect, share, empower and learn from each other to identify need-based gaps and explore best approaches to creating an authentic mental health culture in the workplace. We’d like to hear from as many individuals and businesses as possible, to gain a wide range of experiences and perspectives, and see how businesses leverage good mental health to get great business outcomes. Mental health is something we can all relate to and with this workshop, Lamp aims to place mental wellbeing at the forefront of business decisions.”

As part of the Leicester Business Festival, Lamp’s workshop will coincide with Leicester Giving Day, a campaign run by Embark CSR, a consultancy that encourages positive behaviours amongst businesses by using Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies to help them to deliver impactful social, economic and environmental benefits for wider society.

At Embark CSR’s event, the first recipients of the Leicester Social Responsibility Awards will be announced, along with an announcement of the winners of the Leicester Giving Day’s Community Impact Programme. The latter features four projects submitted by community groups who will be supported to achieve an income target of up to £25,000 each in 2023.

The Leicester Business Festival is now in its eighth consecutive year and continues to play a vital role in the Leicester and Leicestershire business calendar, to bring the business community together to learn, share and grow. The festival’s full programme can be viewed here.


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