Lamp to hold menopause awareness workshop on 13 October to mark World Menopause Day

The Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project (Lamp) charity will run a workshop on menopause from 7.30pm on 13 October 2022 to mark World Menopause Day. The event aims to enhance awareness of menopause to enable women to make informed decisions in managing it, as well as for them to share their stories and get the advice they need.

The event, which is open to members of the public, both women and men, will be held at The Health Suite, a private medical and wellness clinic at 624a Uppingham Road, Leicester LE7 9QB. Aly Dilks, a British Menopause Society accredited Menopause Specialist based at The Health Suite, will host the event where she will cover the Positive approaches to the menopause.

The event is priced at £25 + VAT per person, which will include a welcome drink along with a light evening buffet, followed by an educational talk and a Q&A session. The price includes a small donation to Lamp and a discount will be applied for Lamp Business Club members as part of their membership. Participants can book their places here.

Aly said:

“Menopause is rarely an open topic of discussion. I see women who struggle to cope with their symptoms and understand the physical changes they are going through. They often feel unable to speak up and this is most commonly due to the fear of being perceived negatively. We are encouraged by Lamp’s effort to tackle this complex subject and we’re trying to make conversations about menopause feel normal. More importantly, we want to support the women who are going through it. During this period of transition in women’s lives, knowledge and education are critical – the session will take a holistic view to help women sort through the latest medical findings and choose practical strategies for making their midlife transition as easy as possible.”

Richard Kotulecki, Lamp’s CEO added:

“Menopause is often shrouded in fear, shame and embarrassment and the very word, ‘menopause,’ can make us feel uncomfortable. Working together with The Health Suite, Lamp aims to play a role in breaking the silence around this much-misunderstood transition in a woman’s natural lifecycle. We hope the workshop will encourage more women to share their own experiences with menopause which in turn, will motivate others to get the necessary support. The Health Suite is a valued member of our Business Club and we would like to thank them for sponsoring and hosting this event.”

The topics that will be covered in this workshop include knowing your symptoms, the benefits and risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), self-help measures that can make a difference to your physical and mental health, how to get the best out of your doctor’s appointment as well as a checklist of questions to ask and lifestyle changes that can help you to manage the symptoms of menopause.


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