Press Release – Nov 2017

Vote for Charity to win AVIVA funding

A local mental health charity is calling on the public to help them win funding to support a new scheme.

LAMP serves Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and is rallying the troops to help support an application for the Aviva Community Fund.

Run like a competition, the project offers organisations the chance to get funding for an important cause in the local community and it’s open to anyone who wants to make a difference. Thousands of organisations are fighting for the funding which is why it’s so important to help those you feel strongly about.

If they win, LAMP will receive up to £5,000 which they hope to fund much-needed training sessions for mental health carers.

“It is often the carers of people with mental health issues who slip beneath the radar and can find that their own needs fall to the wayside,” says Sue Langley, CEO of LAMP.

Amongst other things, the extra sessions hope to make them stronger emotionally, reduce isolation and help them to better understand how to cope with mental health illnesses.

Sue added: “The Carer’s Support Programme will be benefit us greatly and provide advocate-led training to increase carers’ well-being, understanding and confidence, and empower them beyond the life of the project.”

LAMP has provided mental health advocacy and advice for nearly 30 years and believe that early intervention and prevention can reduce the needs of people, thereby reducing the impact on health and social care.

Only those with the most votes will be entered into the finals. The decision is then left with a panel of judges who will award the funds. You must register to vote, but the best part is, you get 10 votes, so can use them all up on one project if you like.

Readers wishing to register, access their ten votes, can visit the funding website and search for LAMP on


Note to editors

LAMP has been providing advocacy and advice to people across Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland , who experience poor mental health for almost 30 years. However those caring for patients, some of whom have complex and long term conditions get very little recognition and often go under the radar. It is recognised that caring for someone with mental health issues will have a direct impact on the well-being of both the main carer and wider family.

The programme consists of structured weekly 3-hour sessions for six weeks and if successful LAMP intend to use funds to run two full programmes within the next 12 months.The course is designed to support carers through greater involvement, peer support and confidence building over an extended period, to allow room to focus on complex issues.

The public must cast their votes by November 21.

Voters must search for LAMP to be able to vote for them.

The direct link to LAMP’s AVIVA funding page is


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