Senior Lamp Advocate launches forward-thinking fundraiser

As a charity, fundraising is a big part of what we do here at Lamp and lately we’ve had to get a little more creative with the way we raise money to help those with mental heath conditions.
All of our staff are keen to be involved in keeping funds coming in, including our advocates who are working hard every day to support their clients.
Senior Advocate Max has launched his own way of trying to raise funds and if you’re a bit techy, you might quite like it.
Max is hoping to raise funds via the Babb platform, a place that is trying to combine banking, fundraising and financial inclusion, giving access to the banking system to those in the world who might usually be excluded.
Max tells us:
“Babb is a UK based, FCA regulated company with a goal to offer banking facilities and a fundraising platform to everyone, including those in the world, who are financially excluded. Their are millions of people, both in the third world and even many in the west and the UK who struggle to obtain a bank account. Traditional banks have high overheads, costly administration and exclude those who do not represent a high enough profit return.
Without a bank account, one is excluded from many benefits, cannot access affordable loans, buy online, or get a foothold in developing small businesses or prospering in general.
With Babb more of your donation reaches the charity involved, or Lamp in this case and by using Babb you are helping the platform to develop an equitable banking option for the world’s excluded people.”
So, if this kind of support sounds like something you can get behind, please do visit the campaign, find out more about how you can donate.

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