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Mental Health Support

Are you struggling with your mental health?

Lamp offers a range of services designed to support you, and those around you. Take a look below to see what services we currently have available.

Independent Health Advocacy

What is Health Advocacy?

Lamp offers free to access mental health advocacy in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Our service is confidential and non-judgmental.

You may already have been diagnosed with a mental health condition or you might be experiencing early signs and symptoms and be unsure where to turn. We can help.

We can support you in a range of ways, including to help you explain your needs relating to any mental health related service provided through primary care e.g. GPs and NHS psychiatry departments.

What Do We Provide?

We provide Health Advocacy Support with Access to Mental Health Services provided by Primary Care (GPs) or Specialist Mental Health Services from Psychiatry and the Community Mental Health Teams. We provide Mental Health Advocacy in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. We can also currently provide Physical Health Advocacy to those who are experiencing or have a diagnosed mental health condition.

How Do You Access This Service?

Please ring our help line on 0116 255 6286, and select ‘Advocacy’ where a referral will be taken. Lines are open between 10am – 4pm, Monday – Friday. Alternatively, you can fill in an online self-referral form or refer on behalf of someone else by clicking here.

Peer Advocacy

What is a Peer Advocate?

A Peer Advocate is a volunteer that has a keen interest in supporting those experiencing mental heath issues. Peer Advocates are called Peers because they have themselves have experienced mental health issues and therefore have an intimate understanding of the impact of this and what this feels like. A Peer Advocate is trained by Lamp to be able to provide independent advice and support for those experiencing mental health issues. A Peer Advocate performs an Informal role but can and often do refer their clients to Lamp Formal Advocates (legally appointed independent representatives).

What does a Peer Advocate do?
Understanding the situation and options

Peer Advocates undertake Ward outreach to patients in mental health units. During ward rounds, they help clients to (i) understand what they can expect to happen in the mental health unit (ii) understand their rights for example, how to appeal after being sectioned (iii) access information relating to their health or the section that they are in (iv) gain access to services that could be of use to them (v) be aware of and understand any entitlements they may.


In offering these services, Peer Advocates provide clients the chance to be carefully listened to, to express their feelings and to reflect on their own situation in a positive way.

Peer advocates also offer access to the information that their clients feel they need. This information could relate to advice on how to appeal, details of their section, what kind of section they are on or to other services not provided by Lamp or the hospital outreach team.

Giving A Voice

Where clients are struggling to get their own point of view across or having their own concerns heard, Peer Advocates listen to them, support them in deciding what they would like to do about this and in some cases will represent these concerns to nurses and hospital management. Knowing that one has somebody independent to support and represent them, helps clients to be able to cope with their situation better and to work more closely with medical staff.

If you would like to become a Lamp Peer Advocate, then please click here.

Carer Support

Carers’ Groups

Lamp provides peer group advocacy where carers meet in a safe and informal environment to share successes and discuss challenges in their caring role. Our dedicated carers’ advocate facilitates the groups. The groups provide a range of activities and formal meetings and/or training to address challenges faced by carers in their caring role.

We have groups in Leicester City, Blaby, Oakham, Coalville and Hinckley

Lamp’s groups are currently running at various times but are subject to changes due to current restrictions. For information on attending please call Lamp’s friendly, dedicated Carers Advocate Amandeep on 0116 255 6286       Ext and Voicemail: 218 or email

Those who attend can:

  • Find out about other services and groups they can access for support
  • Access information, advice and advocacy from our qualified advocacy team

Who Can Attend?
Anyone looking after or providing physical and/or emotional support to an adult loved one, a friend, a neighbour or a relative with a mental health need where the care they provide is not part of their regular employment.
At times when groups cannot be held face-to-face, online Zoom meetings are held instead and many carers really enjoy and feel supported by these sessions.

For information on how to attend a group in your area area, please email us or call 0116 255 6286.

Business Support

Supporting your colleagues and staff members

Lamp is proud to work with a wide range of forward thinking businesses across the region.

Our successful business club is one of the first in the country to emphasise the health and wellbeing of employees. If you’d like to join, click here.

Training and Information

We can also offer various training and information sessions to you and your employees which can be delivered face-face-face (restrictions permitting) or online. These include Mental Health First Aid Training and Student Support. Contracting Lamp to carry out these services is a great way to support our charity.

Lamp can also offer your business or organisation a sponsorship package which would support your organisation year round and include the above services. These partnerships offer exceptional wellbeing expertise to your business and offer vital support to the charity.

For more information on how Lamp can work with you please email

Please note, we currently do not hold contracts to help with the following:

  • Benefits including PIP
  • Housing
  • Child Protection
  • Debt
  • Legal Matters

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