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Stress Awareness Month April 2021

For Stress Awareness Month we wanted to speak to some of our Business Club members with regards to some topics related to stress. Stress can appear in many forms and there are a number of ways to manage your stress. Listen below to hear our conversations.

In the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.

Lamp provide help and support to those who don’t know where to turn. We truly believe early intervention is key to reducing a mental health illness

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland are crying our for mental health support and Lamp are looking to help as many people as possible in our community.

Our Lamp 5K Around the world challenge promotes the benefits of physical exercise on your mental wellbeing. We’re looking for donations to support our ever increasing demand to our services.

Did you know £10 provides 30 minutes of specialist mental health care for someone in need? Can you spare £5/£10 to someone in need? Donate below


Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Dhara Shah from Ripple Touch discussing positive self talk

Jodi Skillen and Abi Buck discussing the stress of parenting and mental health

Jane Batty from Ripple Partners discussing personal resiliance

Dee Beckett from Mosaic discussing the effects of physical exercise on your mental health

Some people become so overwhelmed with stress it can cause a serious effect on mental health and well-being.

Lamp have also partnered with Sache Wellbeing to offer 7 tips to manage stress.



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