Teamwork Partnership confirms Lamp as Charity of the Year for 2024

Teamwork Partnership has renewed its commitment to supporting Lamp by selecting the charity as its Charity of the Year again for 2024.

Lamp was also Teamwork Partnership’s Charity of the Year in 2023, during which time the company, which specialises in finding people jobs in the food, logistics, manufacturing, and warehouse sectors, hosted a golf day in the summer and an annual curry night in November. The events are estimated to have raised over £5,000 for Lamp.

Dan Brown and Natalie Clifford are joint Managing Directors of Teamwork Partnership. Dan said:

“We are delighted to choose Lamp as our Charity of the Year for the second year running. Having our own recruitment company, we hear a lot of talk about mental health awareness and it’s particularly important to us that we support and consider all areas of mental health, and focus on making a difference for people who need help.”

Dan has his own personal reasons for fighting so intensely for mental health support. Sadly, one of his friends completed suicide and other friends have struggled with their mental health. Realising the importance of getting help, Dan helped two of his friends by personally finding the relevant services via Lamp to support them.

“What Lamp do is second to none,” he said. “Mental health is so massive and it’s important that it gets the right publicity so that people change their mentality on mental health and know that it’s okay to ask for help. I was able to help two of my friends and make a difference but these services need to be accessible to anyone who needs them at the relevant time. We all need to do our bit to help and I do hope more people choose to support Lamp.”

The golf day will be repeated in June 2024, hosted by Teamwork Partnership and headline sponsor, Cross Productions. If you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities or signing a team up to the 2024 golf day, please contact

If you would like to become a Charity of the Year supporter for Lamp or get involved with the charity’s fundraising activities, please contact


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