Tokio Marine HCC International to celebrate anniversary of charity partnership with Lamp with a £22,000 donation

Leading insurance group, Tokio Marine HCC International (TMHCCI), which has donated £22,000 in the last two years to the Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project (Lamp) mental health charity, will donate a further £22,000 to Lamp to celebrate the partnership’s anniversary.

TMHCCI’s Leicestershire-based staff have been working with Lamp to raise awareness of the charity’s mental health support projects, whilst conducting various fundraising initiatives over the year. These include holding raffles, bake sales and games, which have drummed up over £2,500 in donations. The company’s Give an Hour scheme alone, where individuals can donate an hour of their pay and TMHCCI will match the contribution, raised over £700 for Lamp in March.

In addition, TMHCCI matched its contribution to Lamp by supporting colleague and ultramarathoner, Andrew Aldridge, an underwriting manager who oversees the commercial sector. Andrew completed an ultramarathon to reach Harlech Castle along the Welsh coast in January, which raised over £1,000 for Lamp. Details of his fundraiser for Lamp can be found here.

TMHCCI is also looking into employees attending Lamp’s mental health first aid training, to equip the team with the tools and resources to further support colleagues’ mental wellbeing.

Millie Deare, Corporate Social Responsibility Executive – UK and Europe, for TMHCCI said:

“We are really proud of how our staff have engaged with the charity partnership with Lamp and we’re looking forward to organising more events and fundraisers together as we continue to raise awareness of mental health.”

The funds raised will contribute towards Lamp’s work in mental health advocacy throughout Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, which ensures that people with mental health issues get the appropriate support they need.

Richard Kotulecki, Lamp’s CEO said:

“We are so grateful to the staff at Tokio Marine HCC International for their commitment and enthusiasm in supporting our partnership. Lamp has seen a surge in demand with an ever-increasing number of people reaching out to us for our advocacy services. Through our ongoing partnership, we have been able to help those in need seek appropriate mental health support and enable them to make informed decisions about their options.”


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