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Lamp provides independent advocacy that helps people with mental health issues and their carers, which can be found outlined in the Advocacy Charter. Working on developing their confidence to speak out, so their voices are heard, enables individuals to make a real difference in the quality of the support and care they receive.

In reducing the sense of isolation that many feel and promoting resilience, this results in fewer people in crisis. Greater understanding and awareness also brings families together and helps to build stronger communities.

We provide information and support, as well as organise and attend community events, to help challenge stigma, increase awareness and help those whose lives are affected by mental health.

For more information on the services we provide, see our videos below.
*The below videos have been provided in English, Polish and Gujarati.

Work With Us

Find out more about working with an independent mental health charity, that believes in the absolute acceptance of all states of mental health!

Our Supporters

Support comes in many forms for us, from the everyday individual who believes in Lamp and our message, to organisations who would like to help us spread the word about mental health. Read more about our supporters.

Our Team

Click here to meet our friendly team who provide independent mental health advocacy, and support to those in the local community who need it, as well as staff who offer information around development, marketing, volunteering and the general office.

Lamp’s Journey

The longevity of Lamp has been a result of many years of support from our volunteers, staff, board of trustees and advocates, whose help and dedication to Lamp’s message has enabled us to be as active in the community as we are currently.

Founded in 1989, Lamp has and always will be a champion for mental health. Through the services we offer in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, our aim is for you to feel valued, listened to and more able to cope, and to be able to access the services and support you need.

In Autumn 2019, Lamp will be 30 years old, and in line with this, Lamp will be slowly introducing rebranding over the coming months. This will incorporate the need for more conversation around mental health through our strap line. Watch out for our new logo, and for new developments as they unfold over the coming months!

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It’s available. And there is hope

Lamp understands that mental health is complex and often invisible


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