Information For The Christmas Period

This time of the year can prove very difficult for those experiencing mental health issues. For those who are struggling with their mental health, and are needing help, please see the list below [...]

Choose Lamp as your Charity of the Year

In recent years, mental health awareness has grown substantially. Through television ads, newspaper articles, social media posts and most importantly, in every day conversation, mental health has [...]

Canal and River Trust

On Thursday 10th October, we were visited by Daniel Du Heaume at the Canal and River Trust. The Canal and River Trust are a charity who look after and bring to life 2,000 miles of waterways. They [...]

St.Mary’s Christmas Tree Festival

Christmas is a fantastic time for many. It is a time that most spend with either family, friends, loved ones, neighbours or all of the above. Christmas allows many of us to celebrate, be it for [...]

Lamp x Leicester Comedy Festival

Lamp have partnered up with Big Difference Company to work on a project that we hope will contribute to positively impacting mental health. Big Difference Company are a Leicester based charity, [...]

Achievements: Colin Norman

The individuals that make Lamp, Lamp, are an integral part of what we do. It is essential that we try to support and uplift those who come into contact with us, which includes members of staff [...]

Charity Link: Emergency Help

Anyone can find themselves in a situation where it might be difficult to purchase food, or to top up their per-payment utility cards for gas and electric. Charity Link is a local Leicester based [...]

News: IMHA Contract

There have been some important changes for Lamp, and for the people that use our services. We no longer provide the IMHA service for hospital patients who are sectioned, but we do provide [...]

Do You Need A Peer Advocate?

Do you need a peer advocate? One of our many aims is to make sure that as an independent organisation, we work actively in our local community and on hospital wards to provide those who need it [...]